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[nc-idn] MINC Position to Names Council's IDN Task Force Activity


I am sending this message with my another hat, MINC Interim Acting
CEO rather than my NC hat, and IDN TF hat in the DNSO.

If you have any further question, I am happy to answer to you.

Thank you,
YJ Park
Interim Acting CEO, MINC

[Position of MINC]
October. 26. 2001
version 0.3

Whereas Mulitilingual Interner Names Consortium(MINC) has been
promoting multilingual Internet names since the first International
coordination meeting in Seoul in February during 2000 APRICOT
to identify the issues of multilingual domain names,

Whereas, after five months' MINC task force period from February 2000
to July 2000, MINC could be finally lauched in Yokohama in July 2000
under the supports from various stakeholders from the service providers
and the users who have been suffering from language barrier on the
ASCII-only cyberspace,

Whereas MINC has made every effort to encourage diverse language
communities to create their own self-organizing space and have supported
the creation of Arabic Internet Names Consortium, International Forum for
Information technology in Tamil, Chinese Domain Name Consortium and

Whereas MINC has been interacting with International organizations
such as Internet Society, Internet Engineering Task Force, International
Telecommunication Union, Domain Names Supporting Organization of
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers etc, MINC
has funneled appropriate information and knowledge into them,

Whereas MINC regrets the fact that some of those organizations that MINC
has been cooperating with are about to take actions without consultation
with MINC and its stakeholders,

Whereas it is understood that the current Names Council members are
from ASCII domain name cyber space except "one member" whose native
language is non-ASCII-based language. It is somewhat unprofessional to
adopt a resolution among those who have little knowdege and expertise
about multilingual Internet Names.

Whereas DNSO presented more than two thirds of North American experts
in Montevideo NC meting, when it was asked to provide the experts about
Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy with a reason that they are true experts.
If this is the spirit of DNSO, ICANN, this current activities by non-experts
sounds very contradicting compared to DNSO's accumulated practice,

Whereas the charter of this Task Force was presented by the former Chair
explicitly seeks cooperation from other multilingual coordination bodies
such as MINC,

As Multilingual Internet Names Coordination Body, MINC hereby requests
that DNSO Names Council consider the following position of MINC:

First, DNSO should not try to expand its role to enter into
Internationalized Domain Names policy area or multilingual domain names
without expertise and proper understanding about it.

Second, DNSO should not try to exert influence on issues that might affect
other potential majors SOs including forthcoming ccSO and other independent
language communities, when those issues might be dealt with more adquately
within other SOs and language communities.


[Note 1] This is the current list of NC members. Most of them are from

NorthA (.vi) - Peter de Blanc
Europe (.fr) - Elisabeth Porteneuve
LatinAC (.mx) - Oscar Alejandro Robles Garay
Europe (.uk) - Philip Sheppard
NorthA (.us) - Marilyn Cade
AsiaPac (.nz) - Grant Forsyth
NorthA (.us) - Roger Cochetti
AsiaPac (.au) - Richard Tindal
Europe (.se) - Cary Karp
LatinAC (.ar) - Antonio Harris
Europe (.uk) - Tony Holmes
NorthAm (.us) - Greg Ruth
NorthAm (.us) - Milton Mueller
AsiaPac (.kr) - Youn Jung Park
LatinAC (.pa) - Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales
NorthA (.us) - Ken Stubbs
AsiaPac (.au) - Erica Roberts
Europe (.uk) - Paul Kane
NorthA (.us) - Caroline Chicoine
Europe (.de) - Axel Aus der Muhlen
LatinAC (.cl) - Guillermo Carey

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