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[nc-idn] Re: [council] MINC Position to Names Council's IDN Task Force Activity

please clarify whether or not the board of MINC approved the resolution.

ken stubbs

----- Original Message -----
From: "MINC" <yjpark@minc.org>
To: <council@dnso.org>
Cc: <nc-idn@dnso.org>
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 10:17 PM
Subject: [council] MINC Position to Names Council's IDN Task Force Activity

> NC,
> I am sending this message with my another hat, MINC Interim Acting
> CEO rather than my NC hat, and IDN TF hat in the DNSO.
> If you have any further question, I am happy to answer to you.
> Thank you,
> YJ Park
> Interim Acting CEO, MINC
> [Position of MINC]
> October. 26. 2001
> version 0.3
> Whereas Mulitilingual Interner Names Consortium(MINC) has been
> promoting multilingual Internet names since the first International
> coordination meeting in Seoul in February during 2000 APRICOT
> to identify the issues of multilingual domain names,
> Whereas, after five months' MINC task force period from February 2000
> to July 2000, MINC could be finally lauched in Yokohama in July 2000
> under the supports from various stakeholders from the service providers
> and the users who have been suffering from language barrier on the
> ASCII-only cyberspace,
> Whereas MINC has made every effort to encourage diverse language
> communities to create their own self-organizing space and have supported
> the creation of Arabic Internet Names Consortium, International Forum for
> Information technology in Tamil, Chinese Domain Name Consortium and
> others,
> Whereas MINC has been interacting with International organizations
> such as Internet Society, Internet Engineering Task Force, International
> Telecommunication Union, Domain Names Supporting Organization of
> Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers etc, MINC
> has funneled appropriate information and knowledge into them,
> Whereas MINC regrets the fact that some of those organizations that MINC
> has been cooperating with are about to take actions without consultation
> with MINC and its stakeholders,
> Whereas it is understood that the current Names Council members are
> from ASCII domain name cyber space except "one member" whose native
> language is non-ASCII-based language. It is somewhat unprofessional to
> adopt a resolution among those who have little knowdege and expertise
> about multilingual Internet Names.
> Whereas DNSO presented more than two thirds of North American experts
> in Montevideo NC meting, when it was asked to provide the experts about
> Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy with a reason that they are true
> If this is the spirit of DNSO, ICANN, this current activities by
> sounds very contradicting compared to DNSO's accumulated practice,
> Whereas the charter of this Task Force was presented by the former Chair
> explicitly seeks cooperation from other multilingual coordination bodies
> such as MINC,
> As Multilingual Internet Names Coordination Body, MINC hereby requests
> that DNSO Names Council consider the following position of MINC:
> First, DNSO should not try to expand its role to enter into
> Internationalized Domain Names policy area or multilingual domain names
> without expertise and proper understanding about it.
> Second, DNSO should not try to exert influence on issues that might affect
> other potential majors SOs including forthcoming ccSO and other
> language communities, when those issues might be dealt with more adquately
> within other SOs and language communities.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [Note 1] This is the current list of NC members. Most of them are from
>               ASCII-space.
> NorthA (.vi) - Peter de Blanc
> Europe (.fr) - Elisabeth Porteneuve
> LatinAC (.mx) - Oscar Alejandro Robles Garay
> Europe (.uk) - Philip Sheppard
> NorthA (.us) - Marilyn Cade
> AsiaPac (.nz) - Grant Forsyth
> NorthA (.us) - Roger Cochetti
> AsiaPac (.au) - Richard Tindal
> Europe (.se) - Cary Karp
> LatinAC (.ar) - Antonio Harris
> Europe (.uk) - Tony Holmes
> NorthAm (.us) - Greg Ruth
> NorthAm (.us) - Milton Mueller
> AsiaPac (.kr) - Youn Jung Park
> LatinAC (.pa) - Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales
> NorthA (.us) - Ken Stubbs
> AsiaPac (.au) - Erica Roberts
> Europe (.uk) - Paul Kane
> NorthA (.us) - Caroline Chicoine
> Europe (.de) - Axel Aus der Muhlen
> LatinAC (.cl) - Guillermo Carey

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