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[comments-transfer] Proposed Policy

The Policy Recommendation:
As a matter of policy, each registrar has the following duties:

1).  The duty not to prohibit, and not to impose unreasonable or 
discriminatory conditions or limitations on, the ability of registrants, and 
those empowered with the apparent or express authority to act on behalf of 
such registrants, to transfer the sponsorship of their domain name 

2).  The duty to provide, to the extent technically feasible, domain name 
portability in accordance with requirements prescribed by ICANN that comport 
with the need to maintain the operational stability of Registrar Services, 
Registry Services, the DNS, or the Internet, understanding that such proposed 
specification/policy will be as narrowly tailored as feasible to achieve 
those objectives, and will allow for a reasonable period of time within which 
registrar may comply with that specification/policy;

3).  The duty not to implement or maintain features, functions, capabilities, 
or terms of service conditions pertaining to the transfer of domain name 
sponsorships that do not comply with the guidelines and standards established 
pursuant to section 2 above.

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