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Re: [nc-idn] Scheduling a telecon call for IDN item on the NC agenda


I am pleased to inform you that the teleconference will be held 
on Moday, 3 December 2001, 13:00 UTC.
VeriSign will be providing 20 ports for the call, Cynthia Martin, 
Chuck's assistant, will provide us with numbers and passcode.

On the NC IDN TF call we are going to have people from the whole
planet, and I am very sorry that the time cannot suit everybody.

The teleconference will be recorded and a summary minutes taken
by the DNSo Secretariat (many thanks to Glen de Saint Gery and 
Philippe Renaut).

I can confirm you that we are going to have IDN experts from 
VeriSign, IETF and MINC:
     * Scott Hollenbeck, VeriSign (USA)
     * Marc Blanchet, IETF (Canada)
     * Tinwee Tan, MINC (Singapore)

Note to the speakers and participants: 
  1. If you have any documents in PowerPoint or HTML, and you 
      wish to share it in advance of the call with the NC IDN TF,
      please sent it to the DNSO.Secretariat@dnso.org, it will be
      added on the web site.
  2. If you wishes to write questions you intend to ask to our speakers,
     please post it in advance to the DNSO.Secretariat@dnso.org.

Thank you very much in advance,

  NC IDN TF teleconference call on Monday 3 Dec 2001, UTC=13:00:
  California, USA                          UTC-8+0DST   5:00
  Monterrey, Mexico                        UTC-6+0DST   7:00
  Quebec, Canada                           UTC-5+0DST   8:00
  Washington DC, USA                 (EST) UTC-5+0DST   8:00
  Santiago, Chile                          UTC-4+1DST  10:00
  Paris, France or Stockholm, Sweden (CET) UTC+1+0DST  14:00
  Singapore, Singapore                     UTC+8+0DST  22:00 
  Seoul, Korea or Tokyo, Japan             UTC+9+0DST  23:00 
  Auckland, New Zealand                   UTC+12+1DST   3:00 next day
  For other places see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

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