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[nc-idn] Re: IDN TF Chair


At the ccTLD call today I was lucky to get a replacement
for myself at the NC TF on structure - subsequently
I may have some time to dedicace to the IDN TF.

Contrary to you, I am afraid we face a deployment of testbed
solution to production, with unstable products, without
applications, and with a general confusion in the ML domain names.

Each rumor about IDN deployments is immediately echoed
at .FR Registry desk - we have an immediate calls, and questions.

The deployment of IDN is making a headake to Intellectual Property lawyers.

ALSO, I believe that all our forces gathered together 
are necessary to make a better understanding of IDN impact.
I would like to do that work with a lot of help from you.

As the bottom, I am pleased to accept your nomination - thank you.

My best regards,
Good night,

> From grant.forsyth@clear.co.nz Tue Oct  9 21:31 MET 2001
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> From: Grant Forsyth <grant.forsyth@clear.co.nz>
> To: "'Greg Ruth'" <greg_ruth@yahoo.com>
> Cc: "'Elisabeth Porteneuve'" <Elisabeth.Porteneuve@cetp.ipsl.fr>,
>         nc-idn@dnso.org
> Subject: IDN TF Chair
> Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 08:31:21 +1300
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> Greg
> Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on your question as to my
> interest in taking the role as chair of the IDNS TF.
> I do see the need for a standardised implementation of support for
> international domain names as being urgent.
> I don't see the "policy" issues as being particularly complex or
> sophisticated.
> I am happy to take the role of chair if this would facilitate the speedy
> development of DNSO policy input to the ICANN TF.
> BUT, I have noticed Elisabeth's keen interest and if she has a mind and
> interest to take the chair then I am more than happy to nominate Elisabeth
> to the role.
> Elizabeth, can you respond either accepting my nomination and in the absence
> of anyone else accepting the nomination, taking the role of chair, OR let us
> know and - in the absence of anyone else accepting a nomination for chair -
> I will take the chair.
> I look forward to your response.
> Regards
> Grant Forsyth
> Manager Industry & Regulatory Affairs
> CLEAR Communications Ltd
> Cnr Taharoto & Northcote Roads
> Private Bag 92143
> ph +64 9 912 5759
> fx + 64 9 912 4077
> Mb 021 952 007

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