GNSO WHOIS Task Force Teleconference on 15 January 2003


ISP - Tony Harris - co- chair
BC - Marilyn Cade - co-chair
Registry - Becky Burr
Registry - Ram Mohan
Former GA additional - Abel Wisman
Former GA additional - Kristy McKee
IPC - Steve Metalitz
IPC - Laurence Djolakian
Non Com Users Constit. - Ruchika Agrawal

GNSO Sec - Glen de Saint Géry

Proposed Agenda: (sent to list January 10, 2003 by Marilyn Cade)

1. Review the status of the Implementation Committee:
Steve, Thomas, Tony provide feedback/status report
2. Discussion regarding Consistency and Searchability work products,
- determination of how to finalize as issues reports [Kristy and Ram to lead these reviews of their team's work so far; additional resources/volunteers as needed to help to finalize by end of Jan.]
3. Review Final Report/
- make assignments for development of separate "Issues reports" on additional work areas
4. Discussion of draft ToRs to fit each of the Issue Reports
5. Discussion of any comments submitted by 1/9 to open comment list and how to incorporate/address.
6. Schedule for rest of Jan.

Added to the agenda:

A process how to incorporate the two documents submitted to the list should be discussed.
A summary of the task force comments on the Interim report: Dec 23 2002 - January 10, 2003
Security and Stability Committee's Whois Recommendation:

Liaison with the Security Advisory Committee

Marilyn Cade announced that Becky Burr would be joining the task force to ensure ongoing participation on the part of the Registry constituency.

Marilyn Cade outlined two phases:
l. Combine into one report for the GNSO Council to vote on at the meeting - February 20
- Existing Final report
- Input from the Advisory committee
- Input from the Implementing committee

The final report should include short term recommendations.
After the report is voted in GNSO Council, it will be sent to the ICANN Board for Consideration .

ll. Following suggestions from the GNSO Chair that the task force will be closing down,
Proposed issue reports,
- searchability
- middle section of work -
How to further address accuracy and bulk access
How to explore issues related to privacy

GNSO Council may consider creating a new task force with overlap between the old and new.
The work process would follow the new policy development process (pdp).
Clarity on timelines for the pdp should be sought from ICANN.

The issue report and the recommendations should be completed by February 20, but will only be addressed in Rio.

What needs to be included in the issue reports?
- Comments received
- Conversation with implementation committee during the last week of January.
Steve Metalitz, on both the WHOIS task force and the implementation committee said that after January 23 there should be an implementation committee report.

Marilyn Cade said that she welcomed the Security Advisory Committee report, but was surprised about it.
Dialogue was planned with the Security Advisory Committee.

Kristy McKee reported, from the group which includes Ram Mohan, on:
- Searchability and consistency
She saw the issue report as a road map, giving indications where a completely new group would be able to pick from.
Indications of how and when the issue should be addressed
Interaction with other processes
External dependencies
Kristy McKee continued suggesting
- to collect all decisions
- create a road map about what has been done in the past.

Marilyn Cade added that it should be followed by a section:
- issue to external dependencies - development of standards
under which there would be
- identification of issues and work to follow in the next years.

- identification and cooperation with standards
This would show what the next actions
should be and what needs to be extracted.

Searchability and Consistency
Try out the feasibility for:
mid term group
Bulk WHOIS and access
example of 15 days

1. Need to finish mid term work
2. Start new task force

Need issues report.
Example the 15 days issue which is an existing requirement. There are random comments coming in with enough input that shows there are concerns.
The 15 days would be an issue which has implications. How to work with it, give it a priority and then path out the way to move forward.

Other issues would be:
1. Consistency and Uniformity of data
2. Searchabilty
3. Mid section of work - issue: what has to happen
4. Privacy

The issue on privacy and access to the data has not been fully explored. There has been one briefing session with Alan Davidson.

Marilyn Cade proposed that each task force member write down questions about privacy and propose solutions. Beginning to identify the question is a broad and long term effort.
Also to be investigated are which countries are taking privacy laws and applying them to WHOIS data, as well as the relation to gTLDs and ccTLDs.
Ram Mohan reminded the task force that it would be a huge task to investigate the relation to gTLDs and ccTLDs.
Abel Wisman reminded the group that privacy issues regarding WHOIS is what has been asked for and an issue report should be made.

Kristy McKee said that within the searchability comments, the idea related to privacy and protection of privacy could be highlighted as privacy concerns.
She added that more help was needed for the group.
In mapping out a process, she added that searchability and uniformity were both technical issues.
- The data should be organized - all comments on searchability should be included.
- The summaries should be verified
- Final editing stages.

Allocation of work:

Ram Mohan, Tony Harris to work on verification. It was suggested that one person verify for both task forces.
Becky Burr to work on bulk access issues
Ruchika Agrawal to exchange with Kristy McKee and Ram Mohan
Kristy McKee to elicit the help of Troy Dow in editing.

Tony Harris suggested that the group look at Elana Broitman's comments in the implementation committee on bulk access.

Marilyn Cade mentioned concern expressed about port 43. Ram Mohan said that some Registrars, Godaddy, for example, had special restrictive methods for port 43 access.
Steve Metalitz stated that there was concern from the implementation committee. As an issue for the future, it should be in the mid term work and go on the agenda.

Marilyn Cade asked Ram Mohan to give a brief report on the Security Advisory committee.
The committee consists of 20, but there are only a few active participants.
The process:
The committee's charter is to look at issues that affect the security and the stability of the Internet.
It is DNS focussed looking at the effect inaccurate data may have on the DNS operations.
There are no sub committees in the process. Discussions take place mostly by e-mail exchange on a private list.
The entire Advisory committee signs off on the report and comments are made. Steve Crocker makes the decision if the report can go out.
Kristy McKee asked whether the statistics shown in the report were from the US government or collected separately.
Ram Mohan said that the Advisory committee began independently, having reviewed all task force reports.

Proposed planning:
for next week:
- Discussion with Advisory committee - Stzeve Crocker and Rick Wesson

Combined call with WHOIS task Force and WHOIS implementation committee
suggested date Jan 28

Calendar for next calls:
Tuesdays at 11:00 EST beginning next week

Work assignments:

Develop list of questions on Privacy
Discuss questions next week - Jan 21
- privacy and access need to be linked
- country code require data to be accurate but limitations to who has access
- different privacy issues from an employer or individual point of view
- generate a list from task force to obtain input

Revision and updating Final report

Preparation of issue report - mid term work

Preparation of issue report on uniformity and searchability of data

Issue identification on privacy and access

What do country codes do to address accuracy and privacy

Further work in a planning team with GAC.

Marilyn Cade and Tony Harris, the co-chairs, thanked all the participants and closed the call at 12:30 EST.

The teleconference ended at 17:30 UCT, Wednesday Jan 15 ,