ICANN/DNSO Constituency Groups

Agenda for Santiago DNSO Names Council meeting, August 26th 1999 - 14:00 to 18:00

Chairs: Antonio Harris (first part) and Amadeu Abril i Abril (second part)

A) New NC Members
* Welcome of new ccTLD reps
* Recognition and welcome of NCDHC reps
* Clarificaion of gTLD rep status

B) Discussion and adoption of agenda

C) Constituencies updates

D) WGs updates

E) Upcoming electoral process
* NC elections
* BoD nominations: process
* Geographical diversity waivers.

F) DNSO structure
* Tasks within NC. Chair?
* Tasks within GA. Chair?
* Secretariat tasks
* overall coordination

G) Budget

H) Next telconferences and meetings

I) LA meeting

J) Motions
* Warehousing by registrars (Amadeu)
* ....

K) Other business

L) Q&A from the public

Motions Regarding Working Group D

Motion 1 as amended: The NC instructs WG-D to include, as one of the bodies that may be delegated to work on a specific issue, balanced working groups according to the following procedure. Balanced working groups will include an equal number of seats for each constituency; each constituency can use or leave vacant its seats according to interest. Working groups will also include some number (to be decided by NC) of representatives of the general assembly plus experts invited by the chairs of the working group.

Motion 2: When a working group is created by the Names Council, it shall appoint a Supervisory Chair (member of the NC). The Supervisory Chair shall immediately call for persons to work on the working group including a request to each of the constituencies of the DNSO to provide members for the working group. Simultaneously, a Supervisory Chair shall call for nominations for the position of Working Chair of the group, who shall not be a member of the Names Council. The Supervisory Chair shall assist the Working Chair in achieving a working group reflecting a diversity of opinion from all stakeholders and all regions.

Motion 3: NC declares that current structure and composition of WG-C is contrary to Article VI(b) Section 2.b of ICANN bylaws in the sense that it's not adequate to carry out the substantive work of the DNSO. In this regard, the NC requires WG-D within two weeks to provide the names council with interim measures to allow the working group C chairs to restructure the working group in a way that allows it to perform its functions.

Motion 4: All motions should be presented seven days in advance of NC meeting for vote at the meeting. Any newly-raised motions at the meeting will be voted upon online or in teleconference seven days or more after the meeting. [Agenda items should be treated one week in advance except if they are urgent.]