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Committee E

  Outreach and Global Awareness



Committee E is requested to develop a document responding to the following questions

0. Generic Issues

0.1 Target

Who are we looking to reach? who we do not want? what is the degree of emphasis? is it the professional or the citizen?

0.2 Awareness

Publication what are we going to publish? how often? what is the medium? who are the readers?

Public relation what kinds of PR issues anticipated? what are the effective presentation methods?

0.3 Outreach

What are the barriers to reaching members? Are there cultural impediments and how to manage? how do we achieve multilingual multilingual communication? what specific efforts should be made to reach developing/emerging countries?

1. General Assembly

1.1 Target

How is a GA member different from ICANN At-Large member? why must one join GA? what are benefits for members? what is lost if dont join?

1.2 Awareness

What is the message? what information do we want to be known? who are we addressing ? potential GA member or wider Internet community? how do we know(measure) progress in awareness? what are geographic objectives?

1.3 Outreach

How do we make it easy to become a member? how do we attract the interest of potential members? what would potential members want? what verification do we want for members? what obligations do members have? how do we communicate? advertizing and how? how do we leverage on other organizations? which organizations? other channels eg. registries?

2. Constituency Specific

2.1 Target

Who can be a member? is there a potential members list? what are benefits to members? is sponsorship permitted and which type?

2.2 Awareness

What messages are sent to audience? how do we monitor progress in awareness? what are geographic objectives? is there a critical mass goal (number of members in constituency) ?

2.3 Outreach

What does it require to become a member? how do we make membership attractive? what would potential members want? How do we simplify application process? how do we communicate? advertizing and how? direct contacts?

3. Finance

What is the budget for a years program? How is this financed?



"Dr. Nii Quaynor" (coordinator)

Kilnam Chon

"Oscar A. Robles Garay"

Randy Bush

"McFee, Susan (S.N.)"

Bill Washburn

"David Tatham"

"Craig Simon"

Jeff Graber

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