Results of DNSO Names Council meeting on June 25th, 1999

June 26, 1999.

On the General Assembly of the DNSO

It was resolved that the General Assembly of the DNSO will be a permanent body in which, following the ICANN Bylaws, anybody may participate.

It was resolved that ga@dnso.org will be the official mean of communication for the General Assembly of the DNSO. The discuss@dnso.org list will be renamed as ga@dnso.org

The General Assembly of the DNSO may also meet physically, and will do so for the first time in Santiago on August 24th, 1999.


On Working Group A

It was reported that WG A was progressing very slowly. It was resolved that the WG Chairs will decide -on the date the report from WG A is due for the provisional Names Council (July 7th)- if an extension is necessary to finish their report.


On Working Group C

It was resolved to create WG C following a proposal from Javier Sola. Javier Sola will be in charge of creating the WG. The highlights of the proposal are

a) That all applicantions received be accepted in the WG.

b) That the WG mailing list(s) be publically archived in the www.dnso.org website.

c) That the WG be divided into three groups that will study 1) New gTLDs (which, how many, deplyment speed, etc..) 2) Selection procedure for the new Registry 3) Operation procedures for the new Registry.

d) That the calendar includes two public comments for the Names Council and one more for ICANN once the Names Council report has been sent to ICANN. The complete charter, calendar and member list are in the www.dnso.org website.


On Working Group B

It was resolved to also create WG B to review the treatment of Famous Trade-marks. WG B will operate under the same procedures as WG C. Johnathan Cohen is in charge of creating the Working Group.


On Drafting Group to develop Working Group Procedures (F).

It was resolved to create a Drafting Group (DG) for the development of WG procedures. The DG has three weeks to present a report to the provisional NC. As soon as the procedures are developed, all working groups and committees will operate under the rules developed, this will include committees on Internal procedures, business plan, outreach and global awarness, which might be created before the procedures are finished and approved by the provisional Names Council. Bill Semich was in charge of creating the committee.


On the Calendar

It was resolved to hold a teleconference meeting of the provisional Names Council on Monday July 12th. The meeting will be webcasted and an e-mail address will be provided for those who want to send their opinions into the meeting. Comments received will be automatically posted in the website for all members of the provisional NC and anybody else to read.

The date of a meeting of the provisional NC to finalise the final report on Dispute Resolution Policy will be decided on the 12th.

It was resolved that a physical meeting of the General Assembly of the DNSO will take place in Santiago (Chile) on the afternoon of August 24th. It will be preceded by meetings of the constituencies during the morning of the same day.

It was also resolved to maintain the meeting on the afternoon of August 26th to assess the decisions of the ICANN Board and to plan for future action.


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