Results of DNSO Names Council Teleconference on June 11th, 1999

June 12, 1999.

The provisional Names Council had its first meeting on June 11th (teleconference). The minutes will be available shortly.

The goal of the meeting was

  1. To create a Working Group (labeled Working Group A, WG A) to Review Chapter 3 of the WIPO recommendations, regarding Conflict Resolution Policy for Domain Names.
  2. To review the creation of other working groups.
  3. To set a work calendar
  4. To review the status of constituencies.

In the meeting

WG A was created, with Johathan Cohen (FICPI, IP Constituency) and Amadeu Abril i Abril (Nominalia, Registrar Constituency) as co-chairs. The initial list of members of the Working Group is:

  • Jonathan Cohen (IPC)
  • Mark Partridge (IPC)
  • Susan Anthony (IPC)
  • Michael Heltzer (IPC)
  • Ted Shapiro (IPC)
  • Peter Dengate Thrush (IPC)
  • Randy Bush (NCC)
  • Kathy Kleiman (NCC)
  • David Maher (NCC)
  • Amadeu Abril i Abril (RC)
  • Ken Stubbs (RC)
  • Jon Englund (BCC)
  • Luis H. de Larramendi (BCC)
  • Hirofumi Hotta (ISPC)
  • Dr. Willie Black (ccTLDC)

The WG is still open to members of constituencies that are not yet represented in the WG and to other experts invited by the co-chairs. WG A must present a report by July 7th. The report will be posted in the http//www.dnso.org website for public comment until July 24th. After that date, with the report and the public comments, the provisional Names Council will prepare a report that it will send to the ICANN Board on July 31st.

A work agenda including milestones and dates for meetings from now to the end of October was approved. The agenda includes the next meeting of the Names Council, which will take place in San Jose, California on June 25th, 1999, in the context of INET '99. It also includes a general Assembly of the DNSO in Santiago (Chile) on August 24th, 1999.

In this June 25th meeting, the Names Council will continue its work on the agenda and will create new working groups to deal with

  • WG B - Famous Trade-marks.
  • WG C - New gTLDs.
  • WG D - DNSO Business Plan and internal procedures.
  • WG E - Global Awareness and Outreach.

There will also be a public meeting of the Names Council on June 25th, 1999.

Those wishing to participate in WGs B, C, D and E may apply to the Names Council (sending your name and a note stating your preparation to be in such WG). For WG B please write to <scaf@idealaw.com>. For WG C write to <javier@aui.es>. Contacts for WGs D and E will be posted very soon. Applications for participation in the WGs will be accepted until June 22nd.


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