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At some point of time between 9:10 and 9:40 a.m. Amsterdam time on Sunday [15 December 2002], the DNSO ceased to be (and will, perhaps not unlike a phoenix from the ashes, become the GNSO). ... see Thomas Roesseler' and Alexander Svensson' Good Bye at

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In memoriam:
Peter de Blanc, 17 November 1944 - 26 June 2002

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Names Council - Chair : Bruce Tonkin

General Assembly - Chair : Thomas Roessler
              Alternate Chair : Alexander Svensson

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The purpose of this server is to provide a point of rendez-vous for all interested in the Internet Domain Names issues.
The structure of the Domain Name Supporting Organization of ICANN was determined in Singapore, March 4, 1999, see Domain Name Supporting Organization Formation Concepts
The main document for ICANN and its Supporting Organizations is ICANN Bylaws (As Amended through July 16, 2000), for more documents see
The first DNSO General Assembly was held in Berlin, May 25, 1999.
Since 2 June 1999
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