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	"'Mr. Erik Nordmark, Internet Area Director,'" <nordmark@eng.sun.com>,
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	"'Mr. John Klensin, Technical Advisor,'" <klensin@jck.com>,
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Subject: [idn] Re: IETF Notification of Patent Publication for WO 01/90955 A2
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Thank you for your message.
It will be published on the IETF IPR statements web page.

We have some trouble parsing it, however, since:

- there is no attached document with more than 87 pages
- the URL referred to does not point to a conformant HTTP page
- discussion of technology does not in general require a license;
  the IETF as such does not implement technology.

If you desire comments from the IETF community on the patent claim, =
to or enclosing a single document might be a more useful way of sending it.

             Harald Alvestrand, speaking in the IETF officer role

--On onsdag, januar 16, 2002 19:44:01 -0500 "Heinze, Bill"=20
<bill.heinze@tkhr.com> wrote:

> January 16, 2002
> Internet Engineering Task Force                 VIA E-MAIL TO:
> idn Working Group Mailing List                 idn@ops.ietf.org
> Re:  IETF Notification of Patent Publication for WO 01/90955 A2
>         Our File No. 561401-9010
> Dear Subscribers:
> In accordance with Section 10 of the The Internet Standards Process (RFC
> 2026), we are writing on behalf of .NU Domain and its affiliate
> WorldNames,TM Inc. to notify you of the publication of World Intellectual
> Property Organization International Publication No. WO 01/90955 A2
> entitled "Internationalized Domain Name System with Iterative
> Conversion." A copy of this document is available at the following
> website:
> =
> =3DWO+++0190955A2+I+
> This patent application generally relates to a system, method, and logic
> for managing data, including a database for implementing a key value
> operation, such as a DNS resource record lookup, with a key having a
> predetermined encoding, such as Unicode. Also provided is an iterative
> converter for iteratively converting the key from each of multiple
> encodings to the predetermined encoding before performing the key value
> operation with each converted key. The system may also include a
> validator for verifying that a syntax of each converted key is valid and
> a normalizer for normalizing each converted key.
> We believe that many of the technologies being discussed in this mailing
> list infringe one or more of the 213 claims starting at page 87 of the
> attached publication. We would therefore like to propose that you review
> these claims and contact us immediately with regard to obtaining a
> license and/or authorized access to WorldNames=E2=84=A2 MLDNS=E2=84=A2 =
> DNS products and services described at the following hyperlink:
>  http://www.worldnames.net/MLDNS/default.cfm
> Please note that failure to promptly obtain the appropriate authorization
> may subject you and your organization to liability for royalties in the
> U.S. as of the date that you receive this letter under 35 U.S.C.
> =C2=A7154(d). Once the application is granted, additional remedies are =
> available including injunctions, treble damages, and attorney fees. A
> variety of other presumptions and remedies may also be available in the
> U.S. and abroad.
> If you believe that you have a defense to these allegations, such as
> non-infringement or prior invention, then please provide us with
> additional information to refute our allegations and avoid further
> involvement with this matter. Similarly, if you believe that any of the
> attached claims are not patentable, then please bring them to our
> attention, along with any relevant prior art, so that we may submit that
> information to the appropriate patent offices.
> We are looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
> Sincerely,
> William F. Heinze, Esq.*
> Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, L.L.P.
> 100 Galleria Parkway, N.W., Suite 1750
> Atlanta, GA 30339-5948
> Tel.:  (770) 933-9500
> Fax:  (770) 951-0933
> Profile:  http://www.tkhr.com/wfh.htm
> *Admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Not admitted in
> Georgia.
> cc:   Mr. James Seng, Co-Chair, idn Working Group, jseng@pobox.org.sg
>         Mr. Marc Blanchet, Co-Chair, idn Working Group,
> Marc.Blanchet@viagenie.qc.ca          Mr. Erik Nordmark, Internet Area
> Director, nordmark@eng.sun.com          Mr. Thomas Narten, Internet Area
> Director, narten@us.ibm.com          Mr. John Klensin, Technical Advisor,
> klensin@jck.com
>         Mr. Harald Alverstrand, Technical Advisor, harald@alvestrand.no
>         RFC 2026 Submissions to IETF Director, scoya@ietf.org

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