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[nc-idn] IDN TF Update

IDN TF members,

This is for upcoming October NC teleconference IDN TF
update where this TF needs to update new Chair for this
TF according to proposed Agenda 5. Before we go further,
let me summarize little progress IDN TF has made.

Before Stokholm
May 28, Monday:
Status Report was circulated among then IDN Interim
Committee members. It was recognized by then IDN
Interim Committee members and reported during Stokholm
NC meeting. During NC meeting, this committee was
recognized as IDN Task Force chaired by YJ Park with
its suggested Terms of Reference below.

After Stockholm
June 13, Wed:
Expression to withdraw from IDN TF as chair but remain
IDN TF member by YJ Park delivered to Names Council .

July 14, Sat:
IDN TF mailing list set up with updated members.
"Grant Forsyth" <grant.forsyth@clear.co.nz>
"Guillermo Carey" <gcarey@carey.cl>

"YJ Park (MINC)" <yjpark@minc.org>
"Oscar A. Robles Garay" <orobles@nic.mx>
"Greg Ruth" <greg_ruth@yahoo.com>
"Richard Tindal" <Richard.Tindal@neulevel.biz>

During Montevideo
No report on IDN TF was requested and therefore, there
was no report during DNSO meeting in Montevideo.

As of October 2, Tue:
gTLD constituency member changed from Richard Tindal
to Richard Lindsay. "Danny Younger" from GA added. No
member from registrar constituency yet as far as I know.


----- Original Message -----
From: "YJ Park" <yjpark@myepark.com>
To: "Guillermo Carey C." <gcarey@carey.cl>; "Sapiro, Miriam"
<MSapiro@netsol.com>; "Grant Forsyth" <grant.forsyth@clear.co.nz>
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2001 5:00 PM
Subject: [Status Report] NC Interim Committee on IDN

> Hello Committee members,
> I do hope you can look this through and feel free to make
> your comments which would be updated after discussion.
> Thanks,
> YJ
> I. Introduction
> Since late 1999, multilingual domain names(Hereafter,
> it will be called "Internationalized Domain Names or IDN.)
> ]was available in the market. After one and half years'
> experiences, it is noted by DNSO/ICANN that there are
> many issues should be openly dealt with among Internet
> community.
> During Melbourne NC meeting on March 11, NC decided to
> Establish an interim committee to propose terms of reference
> on Multilingual Domain Names for an NC task force or other group.
> On the other hand, NC requested ICANN to review and
> evaluate the Verisign Multilingual Testbed prior to live launch
> of multilingual domain name registrations.
> II. Terms of Reference, version 1.0
> 1. Objectives of NC Task Force
> It was agreed that there has been little education or little
> knowldege regarding IDN issues in DNSO. Therefore,
> NC Task Force should encourage peole to be educated
> about its current status.
> It was suggested that NC Task Force should work with
> its relevant expert groups to provide more accurate and
> timely analysis to the community. Those expert group are
> IETF, MINC, AINC, CDNC, INFITT and other groups which
> has been already formed to facilitate this.
> Based upon its works with various organizations, NC
> Task Force is expected to make a report on the issue list
> to the community both technical and policy level.
> It was proposed that NC Task Force should make its
> recommendation to the Board with regard to IDN matters
> after a wide range of IDN consultation process from DNSO
> through its relevant expert groups .
> 2. Procedures and approaches
> 2.1. Survey
> There have been various survey efforts since April on
> IDN issues. By sharing and having access to those results
> of various survey will enhance more accuracy and finally
> lead NC Task Force into better understanding on the issues.
> 2.2. Consultation
> NC Task Report produced based on survey results and other
> measures should be properly consultated in the DNSO and with
> other relevant expert groups which also made contributions to.
> 2.3. Consensus-building process
> It would be decided after such a wide consultation process
> whether there is any consensus on either technique or policy
> matters.
> If such demand is strongly shown NC Task Force should form
> more inclusive Working Group to facilitate in-depth discussion
> among interested people.
> If such demand is not strong enough to form another form of
> bottom-up process, NC Task Force is expected to make its
> final report to the Board.
> 3. Administrative Information
> Mailing List: (TBD)
> Membership: YJ Park, Grant Forsyth, Guillermo Carey C.,
>                         Miriam Sapiro(On behalf of Roger Cochetti).
> 4. Timeframe of NC Task Force
> March 11, 2001
> NC Interim Committee on IDN formed.
> June 2, 2001
> Status Report(1) of NC Interim Committee on IDN
> Formal Recognition on IDN NC Task Force
> September, 2001
> Status Report(2) on various IDN Survey Result
> Formal Recognition on Consultation process
> November, 2001
> Status Report(3) on Consultation Process
> February, 2002
> Status Report(4) on On-going Consultation Process
> June, 2002
> Final Report(5) to the NC
> NC will decide whether it will send its Final Report to the
> Board or to form Working Group in the DNSO.
> 5. Reference
> NC Business Plan Document circulated during
> Melbourne meeting.
> 6. Remark
> As was noted since its formation on March 16th to the
> relevant groups in the ICANN process, ICANN Board
> IDN WG, GAC IDN WG, RAC's WG and NC's WG, there
> have been strong needs to work very closely among those
> four groups for better coordination.
> 7. Action Plan:
> In Stockholm meeting, those who have been working on
> the same issue, IDN, are recommended to have an informal
> meeting in order to produce more effective and fruitful outcome.

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